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SPELT PASTA: We currently can make small batch pasta specifically designed for those with wheat allergies.  Our Spelt Pasta is made without semolina and subsitutes Light Spelt Flour. 

Availability:  Please order your pasta 24 hours in advance as we will not stock Spelt Pasta regularly.   Contact us at 615.291.9922  and we will be happy to prepare your pasta. All Pasta is made with 100% spelt flour, whole eggs, water and extra virgin olive oil.  Always handmade and always fresh. 


The cuts listed below are currently available:

Price: 6.99 LB

Capellini - Angel Hair




Lasagne Sheets


We currently do not manufacturer small batch gluten free fresh pasta products. However, We do carry several gluten free dry pastas including corn penne.  We expect to carry more shapes & varieties in the coming months.