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Lazzaroli Ravioli are handmade in small batches using only fresh, simple, all natural ingredients. We start with thin rolled sheets of golden pasta. These sheets are hand filled with ricotta & pecorino cheeses, fresh parsley and spices.  Ravioli variations use a combination of meats, vegetables, Italian cheeses, herbs, and spices. Each uncooked individual ravioli is 2 1/4" by 2 1/4" square.  All ravioli are frozen immediately to preserve freshness and for ease of preparation.

The Finished Product

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Hot Italian Sausage & Asiago: Premium Italian sausage, crushed red pepper, asiago & pecorino.
Chicken & Gouda:  Beemster aged gouda, grilled chicken, pancetta, ricotta.
Lobster & Shrimp:  Maine lobster, gulf shrimp, lemon, chive, mascarpone, ricotta.
Traditional Cheese Ravioli:
  Ricotta & pecorino romano cheeses.
4-Cheese Ravioli: Ricotta, parmigiano reggiano, asiago and pecorino cheeses.
Artichoke Ravioli:Artichoke, garlic, ricotta & pecorino cheeses.

Spinach Ravioli : Fresh spinach, roasted garlic, ricotta & romano cheeses.
Mushroom Ravioli: Porcini and cremini mushrooms, asiago & ricotta cheeses. 
Gorgonzola Ravioli: A blend of gorgonzola dolce, mascarpone, ricotta and spices.
Goat Cheese & Pear Ravioli: A blend of premium goat cheese, spices & pears sautéed
in white wine.

Click here for a wonderful Goat Cheese & Pear Ravioli sauce idea!

Seasonal & Occasional blends  

Oregon Blue Cheese and Fig

Ricotta, Benton's Bacon, Lemon and Mint

Raviogi:  Yukon Gold potatoes, caramelized onion, ricotta.

Sweet Potato Ravioli:  Locally grown sweet potatoes, balsamic, nutmeg, reggiano and spices.

Wagyu Beef, Benton's Bacon & 3 yr Cheddar

Butternut Squash Ravioli:  Locally grown squash, molasses and a blend of mild italian cheeses and spices.

Tuscan White Bean Ravioli:  Fresh white bean and spinach puree, parmigiano,  garlic - Serve hot or cold.   

Pumpkin Ravioli (Seasonal):  Pumpkin,  mascarpone,  ricotta and parmigiano reggiano cheeses, spices.     

Sun-Dried Tomato Ravioli:  Sundried tomatoes, ricotta & asiago cheeses.    

Fried Squash Ravioli: A southern twist combining fried yellow squash & caramelized onion.      

Roasted Kale & Pancetta:  Roasted kale, crispy Volpi pancetta, onion, roasted garlic, ricotta and pecorino.  

Take a peek at what goes in our Roasted Kale & Pancetta made-from-scratch ravioli


Ravioli Tips: 

Ravioli should be cooked more gently than most other pastas to prevent the stuffed pasta from splitting apart. Keep the water at a gentle boil while the pasta is cooking. Cooking times will be a little longer with stuffed pastas because of the double layers and the filling. Never dump cooked ravioli into a colander - simply remove  ravioli a couple at a time with a slotted spoon or skimmer (see photo).

Cooking Instructions:   All purchases include a convenient post-card size reference guide. This card includes preparations instructions,  simple fresh pasta sauce recipes, and helpful kitchen tips on handling and using fresh pasta and ravioli. 

Storing and Using:   Ravioli are made fresh and quickly frozen to preserve freshness. It is recommended to Keep them frozen.  They separate and handle much easier.   Cook directly from freezer. Do not defrost.  If cooked frozen, use within 30 days.  If cooked fresh, all ravioli must be prepared within 3 days. 

 Serving  Suggestion: Typically, for large square  Ravioli, entrée portions are from 3-6, depending on garnish and sauce, additional sides and, of course, appetite. 

AvailabilityAvailable at our 1314 5th Avenue location in Nashville. 

Ordering:  If you would like to place a larger order please contact us between 11am-6pm daily, Monday to Friday. To assure freshness, please call 48 hours in advance.    615.948.4940